Islamic Studies & Research Association


The Islamic Studies and Research Association was established in 1977 to be a field for meeting intellectual and scientific energies in the various branches of knowledge when a number of scholars and thinkers in Jordan called to meet under the umbrella of the association until it became the largest voluntary Islamic intellectual and scientific forum with scientific and financial independence from governmental and official institutions. 

The relationship between the men of science and thought has been established in the framework of the association through the continuous scientific and research activities of the association, until a deep scientific research link has formed between the specialists in the diversity of their specialties, whether in Sharia, humanities, or global and applied sciences, so that we can say that the association has become a society Scientifically and intellectually, to study and research in Jordan, he has scored distinguished scientific and research achievements over the years. 

The association is constantly keen to activate the role of this scientific community by presenting scientific and research issues that serve the Islamic nation in general and Jordanian society in particular, so that scientific research is directed to the service of humanity and the issues of the nation and society, and distributes it to become an intellectual luxury away from addressing real issues and problems that are presented to the nation.